About Seek it Local

Seek it Local is a market-exclusive online search directory for television and radio stations that generates revenue on-air, online and on mobile – all while offering a valuable marketing tool to local businesses.

Consumers are increasingly going online to research businesses and products before they purchase, and local businesses are seeking ways to reach consumers in their area. The solution is simple - help consumers and local businesses find each other with Seek it Local.

Seek it Local is easy to implement. LAKANA adds Seek it Local business directory services to your station-branded website, train and support your sales team to secure business listings under your brand, and you simply drive traffic to your Seek it Local website through on-air promotion. The end results are better relationships with your current customers; new businesses become trusted advertisers; increased station website traffic, time spent and organic search engine ranking; and stations generate valuable digital revenue online and on mobile devices.

Stations also receive the following revenue generators included in Seek it Local:

  • Seek it Local Sales Event™
  • Seek it Local Direct Buy™
  • Best of Seek it Local Awards™
  • Seek it Local Mobile™

Here is what our clients are saying about Seek it Local:

"Seek it Local provides a magical potion that intertwines our stations, local businesses and consumers in results-oriented television and web-driven solutions. LAKANA provides each market with professional training and all the necessary strategies and tactics to ensure overwhelming success. We have generated millions in revenue from new clients with this incredible product and our partnership with LAKANA. You should call them before your competitor does."
Craig Millar, Senior Vice President Operations, Newport Television

"Seek it Local is a key component of Newport Television's overall sales strategy, providing our station's current clients and new nontraditional advertisers the ability to maximize the synergies of multiple platforms in a turn-key effort. One of our stations generated more than $1 million in revenue using Seek it Local last year. I highly recommend the product."
Charlie Henrich, Vice President Operations, Newport Television

To learn more about this multi-million dollar growth opportunity, contact us today! We would be happy to discuss how well Seek it Local is working for our current clients and how it can work for your station.


LAKANA, the maker of Seek it Local, is the leader in fully integrated digital management solutions that generate revenue for local media companies on-air, online and on mobile devices. For more than eight years, LAKANA has done more for local media companies by building their brands, generating revenue and positioning client websites as the number one source of local information.

The Inergize Web CMS laid the foundation for some of the most popular local media websites; the Seek it Local online search directory was the industry's first to integrate online, on-air and mobile revenue; and LAKANA Mobile™ offers the industry's leading solutions that distribute content to mobile devices.

Small, medium and large media companies turn to LAKANA to do more for their local businesses, including Catamount Broadcasting Group, Fisher Communications, Gray Television, Newport Television, New Vision Television Group, Schurz Communications and more.

For more information, visit www.lakana.com